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Renewable Energy

Sustainability Focus

Renewable Energy Solutions

You want to construct a state-of-the-art building, a diamond manufacturing unit or maybe install streetlights. However, you wish to reduce environmental pollution and overcome scarcity of water, rising costs of electricity and fuel. Kaval Power, a solar electric company and Nakula Investments’ partner, helps you find a green solution to help tackle extreme economic and climate conditions, at competitive prices.

Nakula is committed to minimising environmental degradation and supplying green electricity. Our cost-effective one-stop solutions use solar photovoltaic (PV) systems to keep energy clean and efficient. We harness the abundant solar and wind energy available in Namibia and elsewhere, to generate consistent power supply for home and commercial use.

Our experienced and trained professionals are experts in meeting tough schedules while maintaining the highest standards of quality. We design and provide end-to-end solutions of alternative energy resources that guarantee high performance and ROI from our installation of:
● Rooftop solar PV panels
● Ground-mounted PV
● Wind power plants
● Solar energy storage systems

Maintenance is hassle-free and low cost. We provide 1-year free maintenance of all systems installed by us with regular remote monitoring and on-site supervision. The on-grid solar panels have a 25-years’ linear power performance warranty. So, by investing in solar power plants, you will be able to lessen pollution and save on electricity bills from our net metering methods.

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