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Diamond Manufacturing

Leave a Diamond Footprint

You don’t have to buy the moon to make your relationships diamond solid. All you need is an affordable and authentic place to buy diamonds to smoothen the rough edges of relationships. Nakula Investments will be your best friend forever, in your quest to find the brightest and the most flawless diamonds. Leave a dazzling mark in the hearts closest to you.

Nakula through partnerships sources rough diamonds directly from the leading mining companies of the world that are based in Namibia, Angola and Botswana. Being a member of diamond bourses and having sales offices globally, our procurement process is ethical and Kimberly Process Certified. We have a steady source of legitimate supply of rough stones that are cut and polished to suit your requirements.

Having a bona fide presence among worldwide diamond manufacturers, Nakula ensures that only the best of our diamond products are exported to you.You will receive authentication certificates and insurance policies along with our finest quality diamonds.

Nakula’s master gemologists can guide you about our diamond grading system to help you understand the various facets of these brilliant stones. We use the best diamond manufacturing technologies to produce GIA certified diamonds. Our diamonds undergo well-equipped manufacturing processes that are either hand-cut or machine-cut with precision to bring out the shape’s colourful brilliance. We bring to you the clearest and best cuts at best prices.

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